Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratories, Karnataka


Audio Video Forensics Section

The sources of recorded audio and video that can help in an investigation have increased exponentially. The audio and video recordings provide evidence similar to eye witness, so that the investigators can watch/hear the crime happened in real-time. Audio and video evidences are found at more locations and from more diverse sources than ever before. Increased usage of CCTV systems and Mobile phones extend a watchful eye to nearly every corner of every town serving as major sources of video evidence. The main sources of audio evidences are phone calls, voicemail recordings, video cameras, mobile phones, spy cameras and computer files. The audio-video files available in any electronic gadgets are extracted using principles of digital forensics. Further, the audio-video files are analyzed using forensics tools and software for various purposes. Based on frame analysis, genuinity of the video file will be examined. Further, analysis like facial features identification is performed on processed video files. In extracted audio files, genunity of audio files, speaker identification/speaker comparison are performed. This section plays vital role in providing analyzed scientific evidences to the investigating officer/investigating agencies in all these years.