Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratories, Karnataka



The importance of Forensic science has been well documented in court judgments throughout the world. Advances in forensics have given an unprecedented ability to solve cases. It has made the strong arm of the law even stronger. If DNA fingerprinting has given us the identity of the hitherto unknown criminals, then cyber forensics has helped us see the faces of the criminals who hide behind the screens of their electronic devices. With the nature of crimes changing, it is forensic scientists who help the investigators crack tough cases a la Sherlock Holmes. They work diligently, many times under bio hazardous conditions, to link the various pieces of the crime puzzle together and give irrefutable scientific proofs.

The forensic scientists of the state of Karnataka have similarly helped in solving many cases of state and national importance. These includes Nanded Express burning, child swapping at hospitals of Nanjangudu, Karnataka, M.M. Kalburgi and Gowri Lankesh gunshot cases, Malleshwaram and Church Street blasts, etc

However, it is important to remember that for successful analysis of evidence proper handling, lifting and packing is essential because if the evidences are not properly collected they degenerate or lose their forensic value. Hence, FSL, Karnataka came up with standard operating procedures for investigating officers to guide them about proper collection of evidences. Also, training for investigating officers is conducted by our scientists.

The progress of the society depends on its ability to provide safety to its citizens. For this it is important that criminals are punished for their crimes and the victims get justice. FSL scientists have helped to improve conviction rates. Thus, they play an important role in ensuring a safer society.